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The city of Crosstone is encased in an endless smog. 

Ever since the death of their mentor, Kwong Yeung has been suffering from the acute condition of seeing otherworldly beings. Zāl Hatem, a holy man who’s lost the gift, realizes that Kwong might be his only option to find the truth of a cult that plagues their city.

Kwong Yeung  (31)

Kwong is an immigrant hailing from Kowloon who rose to success by becoming a well respected detective in Facros district of Crosstone. After the death of their mentor and the general distrust of their colleagues, Kwong quit the force and returned to the small district of Lokra to find work as a mechanic.  

Life isn't simple and soon, Kwong realizes that, for some unknown reason to them, they have been plagued with the ability to see otherworldly beings. And these wish them harm more often than not. 

Birthday: July 3rd

Horoscope: Cancer

Trivia: Kwong's jewelry collection is impressive.


Zāl Hatem  (24)

Zāl is an eccentric character who sleeps in the basement of an abandoned building. He claims to hail from nowhere and would rather spend his time sunbathing than address any problems he actually has.

Upon the discovery of Kwong's ability, Zāl sets to himself the goal of convincing Kwong to take up the mantle where he left off. As Zāl, once considered a powerful exorcist, has lost the ability to see spirits. 


He isn't entirely forthcoming, either.  

Birthday: Feb 14

Horoscope: Aquarius

Trivia: Zāl really enjoys ridiculous sunglasses.

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